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Preacher, I came here this morning

To draw near to God

Cause I heard that He’s a leader

By His staff and rod.

Don’t spit your talk

Just to make my head to nod

We need to feel so close to Jesus

That our hearts applaud.


I appreciate the pep talks

And motivational speaking

But, with lessons from the Word of God,

That’s not what I’m seeking.

See, I need to hear the Words of Life,

Come out like a beacon.

Cause the Word of God is made for our full sight,

Not just peeking.


I don’t really want to hear your etymology, pop psychology,

Your methodology.

Just open up the Word and let it

Talk to me.

Let Jesus walk with me.

That’s where I need to be.


Because I live in a world

Where Satan sets his sights

On things that shake my nights

And keep me full of fright.

And I need to be reminded

To search out the light

That things will be alright

My Jesus wins this fight.


Oh, please don’t go into

Another personal story

Unless it’s meant to bring the King of Kings

Some glory.

It’s not really that these stories

Tend to bore me,

But they fail to lay the Word of God

Revealed before me.


So, bring the Word of God

And put it in my reach.

I understand my faith

Ain’t just some walk on the beach.

And Satan sucks the life from me

Just like a leach,

So I’m begging you this morning,

“Come on, Preacher, Preach!”