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40 is …

40 is clothes I like.

Whatever style,

Whatever color.

Wearing what makes me feel confident,

Designer labels tossed.


40 is new hairstyles.

Cut it off,

Grow it out,

Die it purple just because you can,

A daring change.


40 is learning more.

About what’s real,

About who cares,

Learning things you wish you knew before,

Only realized now.


40 is looking back.

Lost friendships

Seasons over.

Feeling totally okay with those

That did not last.


40 is memories

Of loved ones

Passed on now.

Missing their wisdom when you really

Need it the most.


40 is by design.

Tossing the hate,

Keeping the love,

Choosing to devote my time to those

Who mean the most.


40 is true freedom.

Honest answers,

Authentic presence.

Embracing your flaws and finally

Knowing their purpose.


40 is beautiful.

Maturing heart

Becoming wise,

Trying on your own skin and falling

Deeply in love.


40 is windows down,

Sunroof back,

Music loud,

Musing if I will ever grow up,

Knowing that I have.