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Word War

I sit before my glowing screen

Connected to the world.

This tiny thing a way in which

Opinions are unfurled.

From Christian friends to Atheists,

Each one wants a say.

It seems there is new argument

To be made every day.

We point out inconsistencies

On every person’s view,

In self-righteous indignation

Though we are imperfect too.

A fight over a candidate

Of course, I must engage.

And so I rant on one I hate

Disagreement shown in rage.

Let me tell you how I feel

About climate change and war

Abortion, sexuality, and

How we treat the poor.

On and on the preaching goes,

Attacks from every side.

Condemning one another

As we feed our growing pride.

Calling names and pointing blame

We take our stand in hate.

Then wonder why nobody will

Award us the debate.

Yet, if we take a moment

To examine our own heart,

We may conclude that anger

Is what tears our cause apart.

We enter into battle

Verbal bullets for assault.

And fire at will at all dissention,

Without restraint or halt.

The battle ends, a bloody mess,

When all is said and done.

Drum roll, and the winner is …

Oh, the winner is No One.